Gideon is a strong, handsome and witty teenager who loves to make people laugh. The slightly younger twin brother of Keoni, he is a strong athlete, faithful friend, and powerful leader. A talented athlete, Gideon is learning that physical strength is never as strong as spiritual strength. His love for Jesus and his passion to serve Him,  drives his heart to dive deep into God's Word to study the power of the written Word of God and learn about the ultimate supernatural power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 


Jace Roberts: Healer

Gideon Toussaint: The One God Gives the Battle Plan

About The Intercessors

Jace Roberts is a quiet and compassionate teenage guy who lives up to the meaning of his name: healer, which is also his main spiritual gift. He loves to help people and dreams of becoming a doctor someday. Jace's kindness and striking good looks draw in the girls but his heart belongs to one girl, Brielle St. Claire. Jace's love for Jesus and his desire to help and protect Brielle drive him to stay by her side until the mysteries are solved and their enemies are defeated in the name of Jesus.


Book Trailers

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     Angelique La Fon-Cox is a servant of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is a native of Arizona and has been happily and faithfully married to her husband Joshua Cox, also a native of Arizona, for over twenty years. They have been blessed with three incredibly intelligent, talented, beautiful and energetic children; Aven, MaCaedyn and Samuel Braeden. Angelique home schools her children and also is the founder and director of The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization to assist children in need internationally which she and her family operate.
     Angelique is also the author of The Huggabears series She assisted her three children in creating their new series The Time Transporters, and she is currently creating the Let's Imagine series coming soon. She has published other individual non-series titles, music and musicals which can be found on her hub website: 
​100% of all profits from The Huggabears series and portions of profits from her other works go to assist the work of her family's organization HCP Inc.

     Angelique began her ministry work as a teenager in music and has directed adult and children's choirs and musicals for over 25 years. In addition to her books, Angelique composes original songs, writes musicals, and currently has a children's singing group that ministers in the community and is the official musical group for the Honor Flight Arizona Org. honoring WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veterans. Her book ministry began after her second daughter, MaCaedyn, was born. Angelique published her first children's book on August 2006 and her first novel in August 2012. To read the story of how The Intercessor series began, click here.
     There are seven total stories in The Intercessors series, along with a prequel series based upon the life of Obadiah O'Sullivan, followed by a post-apocalyptic series called  Return of the Intercessors and a spin-off book based upon a character in              
The Intercessors - Sword of Miracles called Jourdan Sheppard. These books, songs, musicals, along with her endless writing for       The Huggabear books, Angelique will be happily creating for the rest of her days. It is her desire to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and impact the hearts of readers through them all!

Brielle St. Claire: Warrior of God

Keoni Toussaint: One Who Sees and Knows

About the Author

Keoni is a highly intelligent, lovely, teenage girl who enjoys fashion, design and bringing out the beauty she sees in others. She is confident in who she is and what she believes. Keoni speaks her mind clearly and is a loyal friend who boldly stands up for others. Minutes older than her twin brother, Gideon, Keoni uses one of her most powerful gifts of discernment, visions, and dreams of the Holy Spirit to help bring victory to the battles that she and her friends encounter. 


Brielle is a fearless, beautiful, teenage girl who is gifted with a photographic memory and is realizing her strengths in deductive reasoning. A homeschooled girl, born in Uganda, she didn't live in America until she was almost 7 years old. The most powerful of her spiritual gifts is her faith in Jesus and her ability to engage in spiritual warfare through prayer and speaking scriptures from God's Word, which she uses, along with her friends, Keoni, Gideon, and Jace to battle evil that comes to attack those who live in their quaint hometown in Fairfield, Connecticut.