"This is truly a 5 star book! It's not only an excellent story but its an inspirational one as well! I appreciate your talent and your efforts! Thank you!!!!!!!"

                                                        --Jillian Coney

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"This is an amazing story of the true power of God. Such a refreshing alternative to other books that are out there, you will not be disappointed, as a matter of fact you won't be able to put the book down! You will be amazed at the power of God you will feel while reading this book, it is incredible. This is the first book in a series, the second book is amazing as well!"​                            
                                                         --Amazon Customer

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Favorite Parts Video Reviews

​​What Readers are Saying...

I cannot put this book down. I wish it was a movie or mini series. Angelique is gifted writer that brings these words to life. Seriously folks, this book is great for teens and adults who want a little romance, mystery and learn more about God. A++++

                                                          --Kimberlee Herman

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